Our Research on the Health Problems of Professional E-Athletes in Our Country
Our Research on the Health Problems of Professional E-Athletes in Our Country

Lect, one of our researchers at Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University Esports and Economy Application and Research Center. Tanju BAHRİLLİ, Asst. Prof. Hamiyet YÜCE and Lect. According to the results of the research conducted by Yasin Nuri ÇAKIR, with the aim of shedding light on the health problems of e-sports players and examining the health of e-sports players from various aspects, 40.4% of the licensed e-sports players in our country reported their health status negatively. It was observed that 76.6% of them did not receive any training or information about health from their teams, and 47% did not do enough physical activity.

Health Conditions, Conditions, Sitting Postures and Pains of E-Athletes…
During e-sports matches and training, the average pain intensity according to VAS and the severity of fatigue according to MBS were found to be at a serious level. It was concluded that 78.7% of e-athletes did not have an upright sitting posture that preserved lordosis and 57.4% were not satisfied with their sitting position.

The most common health problems are; low back pain (42.6%), sleep problems (38.3%), back pain (36%), eye problems (36%), neck pain (30%), headache (23.5), unbalanced and inadequate nutrition (28%) and hand-wrist problems (5%).

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